Monday, March 9, 2015

SuperChic Lacquers by Wonder Beauty Products Frozen and Flurrious Collection | Winter 2014

From December through February, I was out of the country and out of state a lot (weddings, work, life) and unfortunately my blogging fell a bit to the wayside.  Sadly, a collection I didn't share immediately was the FANTASTIC Frozen and Flurrious Collection from one of my favorite and cheekiest indie brands (the names are always so cute!). However, I hope Jen of SuperChic Lacquer forgives me my tardiness as I wax poetic about my love for this entire collection -- which is still available now and perfect for spring too!

Quick note re: formula. Every single one of these polishes is a jelly flushed with holographic shimmer crystals. Not glitter, crystals. They dry smooth amazingly but because they're not standard flat like glitter, they don't always capture the rainbow in every light of my pictures. So please trust that in real life these are outstandingly shimmery and spectacular. They also apply a bit sheer (not thin) so three to four coats may be needed. I personally love the wider brushes on the smaller handles from this brand so I never find polishing a pain with these. 

Okay, to the swatches!

Stoked and Cloaked for the Bifrost
A red-toned violet jelly, depending on the light, this looked either fuchsia or royal purple. Just so regal looking!

Chillin' With My Sister
The most summery of the collection, this nearly neon bright pink reminded me of Miami beaches and neon manis over tans. The holographic crystals were spectacular in this one!

Cold Hands, Warm Hugs
Toss up for my favorite, this light yet bright aqua is insanely beautiful!  This color always gets me weak at the knees and with the shimmer...perfection!

Royal Pain in the Ice
Cute name, right?  I love cobalt blues and while this is still a bit sheer for my taste, it's hard to not fall hard for this magical polish. 

Mmm, Chocolate Snocaps
I have a weakness for brown polishes, especially ones that are unique. Mmm, Chocolate Snocaps is just that! A deep purple-toned brown, the crystals elevate this polish from muddy to elegant. Love!


Liquid Nitro Queen
I've been really loving grey-toned lilacs lately so Liquid Nitro Queen really tickled my fancy. The lightest of the bunch, it's also the most spring like and I can't wait to wear this one again!

Ice Rageous
This may very well be my favorite!  A cherry red jelly with holographic sparkles is really what the doctor ordered. It bums me out though that of all the swatches, Ice Rageous was the one the holo didn't capture properly. Trust me ladies, this is a must have!

You can still purchase the Frozen and Flurrious Collection by clicking here.


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