Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Received in a Swap

Now this must easily be the simplest TT post ever.  I mean, if you've been in the nail polish community for a minute or been a woman talking about nail polish to another woman, you have access to a swapped polish.

So it goes as no surprise that I screwed up this Twinsie Tuesday challenge.

How? You might ask.  Well, I would answer, because I am an idiot.  Last night (because of course I left this to the last minute), I went through my stash and took out a bunch of polish I knew I didn't buy and remembered having swapped for.  Knowing I wouldn't have to time to just swatch the polish but had to wear it all day, I wanted something that would work for work.  So I chose Nicole by OPI If the Blue Fits...

A navy blue semi-metallic creme with purple and blue shimmer, this polish is majestic and perfect for the colder months.  There's a depth to it that's really magical but doesn't make this too showy to not wear at work.  Two perfect coats and the polish is complete!

So how did I screw this week's challenge up?  Well, I didn't get this in a swap.  For some reason I thought this was another NOPI I did get in a swap (that I don't believe I even own any more) but by the time I realized it, it was too late and I had finished polishing.  So yeah, this counts as a Twinsie Tuesday failure.  I'm an idiot.

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  1. I like this blue! The shimmer adds gorgeous depth.

  2. Still a very gorgeous color though!

  3. LOL!! Reminds me of some of my TT antics.

  4. I wish I captured it better because it's so much richer in person.

  5. After all that?? Oy.
    Well, no one has ever made a nail fail look so good.

  6. It's still beautiful, even if you *didn't* get it in a swap! ;)