Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Mani Matching Bag

As any longtime reader of this blog knows, I am a bag whore.  I spend way too much money and time looking at and buying bags.  I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my obsession with pretty, leather things.  So when asked to post a mani that matches my purse, my first response was, "Which one?  There are just so many."

So I decided to go with the one that's currently being employed (I change my bag depending on my outfit), the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote in a deep oxblood/burgundy color.  Just a fantastic carryall that serves as a chic neutral and is durable enough to be thrown around and stuffed to the gills.  Here's a photo of the bag.

Because of the gold hardware, I chose a similarly toned burgundy polish with a silvery gold shimmer.  Behold, Bonita Rembrandt's Muse.  My brush was wonky and uneven, but I just angled it and was able to apply this smoothly in two coats.  It's a tad dull so top coat is a must (and even a second top coat on Day 2 because it dulls super quickly too).  However, this polish has staying power.  I'm pretty chic free after a few days of wear as I type.

The shimmer isn't hidden but it's not terribly in your face either.  For around $3, it's worth having for a staple fall/winter shade.

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  1. That's a pretty gorgeous burgundy, and a gorgeous bag to boot!

  2. Thanks! I like your taste 😉

  3. This polish is beautiful! I bet it looks amazing with your purse!

  4. Goes perfectly with it! The shimmer in it adds such interest too.

  5. Love that bag! It's always good to have a nice tote around. I have that polish and it's gorgeous!

  6. The bag had carried me through three years now and is only now showing wear. I'm probably going to have to get another one next fall!

  7. Love this purse! I also might need this polish. I love the gold shimmer in it!

  8. It's from the fall/winter collection but see if your Rite Aid still has that collection available!

  9. Beautiful bag and the nail are on point.