Friday, February 6, 2015

China Glaze My Picks | Road Trip Collection Spring 2015

I love a good pastel shimmer, so I couldn't control myself from picking up these three lovelies from the China Glaze Road Trip Collection for Spring 2015.

Formula on all three was identical: very runny.  I highly recommend using very, very thin coats to avoid cuticle pooling, which happened consistently when applying all three of these.  The color payoff is worth it but save yourself the hassle and just apply very carefully in three thin coats.  The shimmer is also very subtle and is hesitant to show up on camera, so be sure to scroll down for a macro of how glorious the shimmer on these really are.

Pack Lightly
A delicate, peachy pink with golden shimmer.

A pink toned-lilac with golden shimmer.

Dashboard Dreamer
Baby blue creme with pinky gold shimmer.

And a gratuitous macro collage to show how glorious the shimmers on these actually are.

Will you be picking any of this collection up?