Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Barielle Gentle Breeze Collection | Spring 2015

To be honest, I don't understand the cohesion in Barielle's Gentle Breeze Collection.  The colors are a bit disjointed together and don't scream spring to me.  Instead, there's a softness to all the colors that can be spring but also slightly fall.  I suggest these colors be viewed individually to really appreciate Gentle Breeze's palette.

Pink Parasol
A classic, medium pink creme.  Application was flawless and smooth but does need three coats to even out.  Definite spring to summer staple color here.

Champagne Bubbles
While the formula on Champagne Bubbles is great, the color is not.  A meh orange-y brown crelly, I just don't understand the appeal of this washed out neutral.  Total miss here, in my opinion.

Gray Sky
Now we're talking.  Gray Sky is a pearly blue-toned grey creme making it a the perfect soft, chic neutral.  It borders frostiness but doesn't quite get there, leaving a really nice shimmery finish.  Three coats here.

Heaven Sent
Hello, gorgeous.  A bright aqua creme, this is the standout of the collection.  While Magna Cum Laude Turquoise stained my hands for days, Heaven Sent was like it's more well behaved sister, softer but tamer and leaving no smurf fingers whatsoever.  Two perfect coats.

Under the Sea
While I'm not a fan of teals, Under the Sea is blue-toned enough to make me fall for it.  The silvery shimmer is also a beautiful touch and adds just a hint of depth to this otherwise fall/winter shade.  Two coats here.

You can purchase the Gentle Breeze Collection for Spring 2015 by clicking here.


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