Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Zoya Naturel Satin Collection | Winter to Spring Transitional 2015

Super soft pastel cremes are everywhere for spring, so it's no shock that Zoya's transitional collection is comprised of six beautifully dusky pastels that dry semi-matte.  The Satin Collection -- and I mean each and every bottle -- is a must have for those seeking a palette cleanser, delicate colors, or chic neutral shades.

As a warning, while these apply really smoothly in two coats, they do leave some bald spots.  I recommend a third to even everything out, although the third coat is a bit tricky because the semi matte finish tends to streak the polish.  Just be careful and apply as much polish as you possibly can on the third coat for a smooth, satiny finish.  Believe me, it's worth it.  Take a look!

A mossy sage green.

A light toasted almond.

A rose mauve cream.

A misty slate grey.

A lavender tinged taupe.

A suede taupe cream.

The Zoya Naturel Satin Collection is available now at


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  1. There nice to wear for everyday. Wonderful swatches!