Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Inspired by Shoes

Sick and uninspired, I threw this week's challenge back at my Twinsies.  Someone please just give me a shoe and I'll find a way to be inspired.  Amanda must have mistaken me for Alaina because she suggested a converse shoe.  When I clarified I was nowhere near as talented, she then brilliantly suggested to slap on some glitter and call it a stripper heel.  I knew I liked that one or a reason, and not just because of her name.

I was just about to do just that when Alaina shared a photo of some sparkly champagne pink ballet flats with a bow.  I had recently won 6 Morgan Taylor most popular polishes in an Instagram giveaway and remembered a really pretty pink gold metallic that matched the glitter of the flats without all that blingy-ness.  No Way Rose applies very easily and was opaque in two coats.  I brought out my inner Lisa and added a bow piece I received from Born Pretty Store.  Pardon the weird placement but it's strategic: I'm using it to cover my break.  

(I've also previously reviewed the bow rhinestones here.)

So here's the original photo.  How'd I do?

Shoes of Prey, designed by Jade, retail $169 USD

Quite the collaborative effort with this week's post!  Thanks to Alaina, Amanda, and Lisa (even if she doesn't know it) for helping me piece this one together last minute.

You can purchase Morgan Taylor polishes for $8.50 by clicking here.
You can purchase the bow rhinestones by clicking here.

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  1. Well, I mean... everyone loves stripper shoes, even if they don't want to admit it, hehe. But I do love No Way Rosè. That's on my wishlist, fo sho. Feel better!!

  2. Haha, you always make me smile.

  3. Love the collaborative effort. The bow is so Lisa!

  4. Those shoes are pretty striking. I quite like the colour.

  5. She's basically trademarked it.

  6. This is adorable! I love that bow! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  7. Its cute! That color matches well with the flats. That bow is a nice added touch.

  8. I actually really like those shoes. I'd wear them! That bow is adorable!

  9. They're really cute shoes but maybe a bit too glittery for me these days (I must be getting old). Thanks!

  10. love this!! what a great result of a collab effort.

  11. Super cute! Love the bows--on both the shoe and the mani--and such a clever idea to use it to cover up a break.

  12. Wait, those flats are $169 bucks!?!? I didnt even know that when I found the photo!!!! Goodness that's expensive for flats!!! Although they are adorable....maybe worth $40 lol. I love the manicure! It turned out perfectly. Also, I truly believe you can do a converse manicure. If we ever have a mani swap day for TT again, I'm going to make sure you do a Converse :)

  13. Worked out perfectly, thankfully!

  14. Yup, crazy price. And oh boy, I'm in for it next challenge...