Friday, January 30, 2015

L'oreal Masked Affair

If you have an Instagram account, you have probably been witness to the virtual drooling that has gone on at the hands of L'oreal Masked Affair.  From L'oreal's Shades of Grey-inspired collection, Masked Affair is the real winner (the rest of the shades, while lovely in the bottles, are mostly textureds which I had to pass on).  A grey-toned lilac linear holographic, what really makes this a must have for me is the additional sparkle thrown into the formula.

Unlike other linear holographics that just look muted when not in direct sunlight, that extra bit of micro glass fleck shimmer keeps this interesting even in normal light.  On top of that, the color is just unbelievable.  I'm a sucker for greys and purples (as you well know) so of course I'm smitten by this shade.

This is two or three coats -- sorry, I can't remember!  But it applied perfectly! 

Isn't this just a stunner?  Have you been able to get your hands on this beauty?



  1. This looks fantabulous on you!

  2. It is a stunner and its so pretty on you! I really should look for it in stores.

  3. Oh my word, every time I see this my heart sings. Wish L'Oreal would release collections like this in the UK

  4. I have not! But the hunt is on! :D

  5. Where did you find it? I saw the display at Bed Bath and Beyond, sadly the two bottles of this were already gone. I have checked numerous other Walgreens and CVS to no avail, none of them had the display. Sad panda. :S Not like I don't have a zillion other holos :D