Friday, January 23, 2015

Londontown Metallic Collection | Fall/Winter 2014

I know it's been a bit since I last posted, but coming back from overseas after two weeks and then getting tonsillitis takes a bit out of you.  My first week back at work was exhausting and it took me until today to really build the energy to start swatching again.  But I'm back and have five new polishes from the Londontown Fall/Winter 2014 Metallic Collection (although these are more jewel tone duochrome shimmers than metallic).

Here's some details about Londontown, in addition to their Kur line designed for nail care, their Lakur line is a full range of polishes each infused with the special nail care remedy passed down from the creator's grandmother.  What was that special formula, you might ask?

Rapeseed flower oil, cucumber extract, evening primrose oil, and chamomile extract to nourish and hydrate nails.
Vitamins A and E and biotin to accelerate nail growth.
Calcium, iron, and garlic to strength and increase thickness of nails.
Coconut oil and lavender whose anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties prevent nails from yellowing.

Now with all those exciting properties, aren't you excited to see the polish?  Here they are!

Posh Rising
A smoky black creme, the ribbons of silver shimmer add the most beautiful touch to this polish.  There's nothing stark about Posh Rising and could very well become my new favorite black polish.  Amazing formula and covered in 2-3 coats.

Cockney Glam
My favorite of the bunch, Cockney Glam is a deep burgundy shimmer with a slightly duochrome shift towards gold and green.  Just stunningly rich and wintery.  2-3 coats.

Skyline Reflect
A strong grey duochrome shimmer with shifts to purple and blue, Skyline Reflect was a bit disappointing.  The formula was excellent (3 coats here) but I'm just not sold on the color.  While my photo makes this look a bit streaky, it actually isn't in real life and my hesitation to love this is probably in the fact that it doesn't have a definite color.  That may be a selling point for true duochrome lovers, but it's putting me on the fence with this one.

In the bottle, this looks identical to Cockney Glam, however on the nail this is much more brown based and has a slighter duochrome shift towards purple and gold.  It doesn't dry to the same shine as Cockney Glam but it's certainly another gorgeous winter shade.  2-3 coats.

Smashing Majesty
A gleaming sapphire, Smashing Majesty has shimmery jewel tone quality that absolutely glows.  The formula was thin but built up nicely in 3 coats.  Just stunning.

Londontown Lakur is available now on their website for $16 a bottle.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. These seem really nice even if they're a bit pricey. Cockney Glam and Smashing Majesty are my favorites!

  2. They actually just lowered their prices, so it was steeper before. But the polishes are gorgeous!

  3. Really nice! Perfect for fall/winter too.

  4. I've just seen these in the UK and these are some of the first swatches I have seen. Smashing Majesty is lovely!

  5. I haven't seen many swatches myself so I'm happy I could help with anyone looking to see what they look like.

  6. Uhmm Smashing Majesty. Yus. Get in my life right meow!