Thursday, January 15, 2015

China Glaze Chillin' with my Snow-mies | Twinkle Collection Holidays 2014

Good morning, all.

It's been absolutely frigid in New York lately.  I'm generally okay in the winter but this one has been brutal, hasn't it?  While we really haven't gotten much snow (knock wood), it's almost like leaving my house equates to traveling through an arctic tundra. Dramatic, yet effective visual when you haven't felt blood flow in your hands in days.

In light of that grim weather update, I bring you China Glaze Chillin' with my Snow-mies, a multi sized mix of white matter hex glitter in a VERY thick clear jelly base. I chose to layer this over Barielle Midnight in Paris (swatches of the full Jetsetter Collection coming soon! I received them late, so don't think I've been holding back), a shimmery midnight navy blue.  Providing that night sky landscape, the dabs of Chillin' with my Snow-mies looked like the evening's first snowfall. 

Application of Chillin' wasn't the easiest: because the jelly base is so thick, it's hard to really apply the glitter evenly.  After multiple failed swatch attempts, I finally discovered my method to success which required me to dab the glitter, let that sit for a bit, dab a bit more to make sure there were multiple sized glitter pieces on each finger, let that sit, then go over fully with just the jelly to smooth out the uneven globbiness of the inadvertently thick dabs.  In the future, I'd recommend adding a layer of scattered holographic topcoat to this sort of mani to give it an even more starry night look, but for swatching purposes I kept the glitter on its own. 

Chillin' with my Snow-mies is part of the Twinkle Collection for the Holidays 2014 and are still available now. 


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. I've had this one sitting since I got it back on Groupon a while back. Good to know what to expect when using it. It came out beautifully and I agree maybe some Fairy Dust over it would take it to the next level.

  2. What a pretty white glitter that is. Looks great over the blue.

  3. I don't even remember seeing this China Glaze? Have I been under a rock?? That Misa is so gorgeous though. I forgot about it! LOL

  4. You've been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out on my blog

  5. Yup from last collection. Should still be around Sally or popping up in TJ Maxx soon (my new favorite place to find cheap polish)!