Monday, December 15, 2014

SinfulColors Holi-dazzled Collection | Holidays 2014

Happy holidays!

With the season upon us, here are four selections from the SinfulColors Holi-dazzled Collection, available exclusively at Walgreens.

Let's Talk
In real life, Let's Talk is a bit more purple, but that frosty/brushstrokeness is actual a strong pink shimmer.  Not sure why the sunlight made it icy in the photo, but hugged by the royal purple creme, this shimmer is a holiday showstopper.  Two coats.

Ice Blue
I decided to use Let's Talk as a base for Ice blue, a swirl of icy blue and violet shimmers in a pale periwinkle base.  One coat really brought the base to light.  

Layered over a red creme, Decadent is a fun mix of fuchsia hex glitter and shimmer pieces in a ruby jelly base.  My only issue is that it's super goopy and does not layer over itself well (see my pinky for bald spots as a result of the uncooperative glitter).  This is two coats but given how poorly it layered, I should've just used one.

All About You
I thought about layering All About You but when I looked closely at the bottle, I notices that within the yellow gold metallic shimmer, there were pieces of red and green holographic glitters that I hoped would really show on its own.  In three coats, All About You is fairly opaque and in real life, does shine and glisten more than you can see from the photo.  I'll definitely have to try this out again layered over something to see if I can capture the holographic effect.

Make sure to stop by Walgreens before the holidays to pick these up!


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  1. Those are nice. I haven't bought Sinful Colors in a while which is a shame since there a really nice brand.

  2. They're also always putting out new collections which is great. Even though they're sometimes repromotes, it's still fun to see the new mix and matches of polishes.