Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday | Least Favorite Polish

I've recently done a major overhaul of my collection, purging not only polishes I don't like and never use, but dupes and impulse buys that I had to have but never even opened the bottle.  So when Twinsie Tuesday comes along and we're asked to post our least favorite polish, I felt like I shot myself in the foot a bit here.

I ended up choosing China Glaze Friends Forever, Right? from late summer/early fall's The Giver Collection.  I picked up quite a few colors from this collection and I actually decided to wear this pale, almost white pink to a wedding in August.  And that's when I discovered it was terrible.

The color wasn't terrible, how can you dislike such a delicate and striking pink?  But the formula, ughh.  No matter what I did, the first time I tried this polish out (and of course, before the black tie affair), it looked like I got chalk all over myself.  Cuticle pooling left crepey residue all over my fingers and I swore I wouldn't wear this again.

Until now.

So I whipped out my bottle once more and tried again.  Knowing how terrible it was going to be, I applied this super thinly and carefully and managed to avoid the messiness incurred this summer.  The polish must've known this week's TT challenge because it was perfectly acceptable and obedient this time around.  I was bested.

This is 3 coats.

So is this my least favorite polish?  Probably not, but it certainly gave me a run for my money with the first application.

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  1. Although the color is pretty aint nobody got time for a terrible formula ;)

  2. That bastard polish. I hate when they do that, cooperate and then don't or vice versa!! It is a pretty color, however!

  3. Too bad the formula is horrible. It's such a pretty color on you.

  4. I laughed out loud at your comment!

  5. Exactly! Very obnoxious of the ironically named "Friends Forever" polish.

  6. Beautiful colour. It's definitely something I would buy and get a lot of wear out of but not with that formula.

  7. It's such a shame because the color is lovely. However, who knows? Now it's cooperating!

  8. Hate polishes with a terrible formula too. The color isn't something that I would really go for all that much too.

  9. It's a stark shade so I can see it not being everyone's cup of tea.

  10. I love shades like this but I hate how finicky some of those lighter colors can be; and hate to hear it about this one (the first time; lol)

  11. Oh wow. This is lovely! I would've picked it based on first application too though. Maybe you scared it into cooperation! :)

  12. Ugh I just hate when a polish is beautiful to look at but applies terribly!

  13. It's like how yellows always have bad formulas. Why are the lighter colors so often problematic?

  14. Haha! I'm intimidating polishes now. I like that kind of power.

  15. What a finicky pain in the butt! Haha! It's really pretty, though!

  16. This color looks beautiful on you--stinks about the chalky formula though! A crappy formula can definitely make you never want to touch a bottle ever again, no matter how pretty the color.

  17. I'm actually having that issue with Choo Choo Choose Me. I've tried swatching it twice and the formula is killing me.