Saturday, November 22, 2014

LCN Sweet Serenity Collection | Fall 2014

Here's another LCN quartet for your viewing pleasure.

Before I go into individual detail about each of the polishes in the Sweet Serenity Collection, I must say that I'm confused about these as a fall collection.  Perhaps a Valentine's collection, but not fall.  Even more so, to name the collection after the most bleh of the entire foursome is even weirder.  But I'll let you make that decision for yourselves.  

Take a look.

Delicious Me
A magenta crelly with hot pink shimmer, Delicious Me is a great summer polish.  The application was really nice but a bit a thin so be careful about cuticle pooling.  Two or three coats here (sorry, I can't remember!).

Tender Lace
I'm really on the fence about Tender Lace.  I love a good, soft pink but this crelly has such an odd application, I'm just not sure it's worth it.  It gets a bit stick and balds, so you have to wait between coats...but not too long that the uneveness is to solid to self level, if that makes sense.  Three coats here.

Sweet Serenity
Um, yeah.  A frosty, shimmery champagne nude creme.  Not for me.  Plus, this leaves shimmer everywhere once removed.  Three coats.

We're Meant to Be
As you can see, We're Meant to Be is considerably darker on the nail than in the bottle.  The application was fine, nothing great but nothing bad.  Standard dark brown but with a super glossy finish as LCN is known for.  Two coats.

You can purchase the LCN Sweet Serenity Collection now by clicking here.


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