Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday | Odd Inspiration

A few things.

First of all, coming up with an odd inspiration is seriously uninspiring.  What's odd?  I spent so much time discounting ideas, I could've swatched a million manis.  In the end, I saw a pill bottle on my night table and some Halloween polishes Sally Hansen sent me for review.  Bingo.

Secondly, because of how long it took me to figure out what to do for this post, I had to quick swatch and photograph it using my camera phone.  While the iPhone 6 camera is pretty good, on blog size photos, you can see it's a bit grainy in sunlight.

The polishes used here are all from the Sally Hansen InstaDri line for Halloween 2014:

Pumpkin Queen: formula a bit gloopy, use as thinly as possible
OMGhost: applies well but dries with major bald spots and semi-matte
Night Fright: basic black creme (used for French tip)
Scaredy Matte: a rich, matte black that applies very evenly (used on pinkie for reference)

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  1. I actually love this mani, that's really creative and cute! I never thought of pill bottles having a Halloween color scheme!

  2. Neither did I until I saw the two things together!

  3. This is nice! I like the simplicity to it and its so perfect for Halloween too.

  4. Haha, we're in the same boat on this one, very creative :)

  5. LOL this is funny and creative. I'm always a mused by what people are inspired by because I can just never see things like that! I'm so blah!

  6. Believe me, this wasn't easy. A last stitch effort on my part and luckily placed pill bottle and polishes.

  7. Such a perfect idea! The inspiration and the polishes are practically made for each other!