Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pure Ice Moonlight

Having major computer issues these days.  For a relatively new laptop (only a year old), it's decided to throw tantrums and randomly freeze.  On top of that, it's also decided to take up being a 1950s television screen, going all zebra stripey and pixelated in spurts like a set looking for reception.  I'm thisclose to throwing it against the wall and turning it into an installation piece.  But I don't have much time to complain because my Don Draper of computers may go all Michael Ginsberg on me (Mad Men fans out there?) and then where will I be?  

Anyways, here's a random Pure Ice I picked up a few months back.  I was really taken by the deep purple-toned grey creme and the flashes of blue glass flecks from the bottle.  Having had such success with Pure Ice in the past, I happily brought Moonlight home with me.

What a waste of $2.  While the color is pretty, the glass flecks are non existent on the nail -- and in fact, look like pock marks when really examined up close.  Seriously, pock marks.  Check out the tiny light dots by my cuticle line, those are supposedly flecks.  On top of that disappointment, the application was thick and messy with lots of cuticle pooling.  And if that wasn't enough to keep you away, this shrunk on my nail within hours of wearing it and was terribly worn at the tips by the end of the day.

So yeah, what a sad, sad polish.  I really wanted to like Moonlight but it just wasn't ready for my love.  Oh well.



  1. Bummer that this color turned out so disastrous! I hate it when something in the bottle doesn't translate onto the nails 100%.

  2. I almost bought this one a few months ago! I actually told myself that I didn't need it and I put it back. I looked up pictures when I got home and was kind of happy with my decision because the color didn't absolutely wow me. It's much prettier in the bottle than on the nail which is such a bummer.

  3. You're lucky to be smart enough to pass this up!

  4. Hehe, sorry to hear everything seemed to go wrong with this, but it was a fun read at least (I'm especially loving the "installation piece").

  5. Man! Bummer about the polish and your computer!!

  6. Yeah, it's not been fun lately.