Thursday, October 16, 2014

Barielle Me Couture | Fall 2014

As I pulled the six bottles from Barielle's Me Couture Collection out of the box it was sent in, I was super excited.  The sextet next to one another screamed fall and I couldn't wait to try out these seeming cremes/crellies.  

Did I like them individually? 

Check out my swatches and review below!

Berry Posh
A  medium fuchsia jelly, not so sure how this pink made it into a fall collection.  I know on some people it's a bit dustier, but when the light hits, Berry Posh is alights.  The formula, like the rest in this collection, was on the watery side and with their new super thin brush, wasn't such a pleasure to apply.  Three coats for opacity.

Soho at Night
A lovely cool-toned plum, Soho at Night is your standard purple creme.  Also watery, it applies somewhat unevenly so just makes sure to wait between coats to clear up bald spots.  Otherwise, a great purple staple for your fall/winter polish lineup.

Vintage Gown
I'm not a huge fan of warm-toned semi-nude browns like Vintage Gown; they look a million times better on people with darker skin tones, in my opinion.  I thought I'd be more excited about it because of the golden shimmer that you can make out from the bottle, but unfortunately, that shimmer completely disappears on the nail.  Two or three coats here.

Moda Bleu
An inky navy, I actually thought the watery jelly formula served this color well, giving it an intriguing depth.  Plus, it's just insanely sophisticated.  Well worth the 3 delicate coats.

Taupe Notch
One of my favorites of this collection is this super pale mauve; a grey-toned purple that screams autumn chic.  Again, also watery, but a better formula than the rest.  Three coats.

Boho Chic
I don't know what's going on with me and greens lately but they keep photographing teal.  Boho Chic is similar to Moda Bleu in that it's an inky hunter green with a glossy depth.  However, here it pulls super teal.  Please now that this is a rich forest color and just perfect for fall.  Two coats.

You can purchase Barielle color collections by clicking here.


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  1. I really like this collection and kind of want them all now. Great swatches and review!

  2. More crelly, but definitely fall-esque.