Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zoya Ignite Collection for Fall 2014

Have I mentioned that fall collections are my favorite?  In case you missed my multiple rants on the subject, here are 6 more reasons why.


Aptly named, Autumn is a coppery brown semi-metallic flushed with this collections signature rich, golden shimmer.  Love.  2 coats.

Wow.  Just, yeah.  Wow.  I love a good oxblood so when it's deepened with ribbons of golden shimmer, I'm head over heels in love.  How delicious is this polish?  Sigh.  2 coats.

I know Remy will rock many peoples' socks but sadly, I was disappointed.  While still a very pretty shade, I wanted a rich, cobalt leaning navy to round out this collection.  Instead, Remy is just too green toned and too reminiscent of Zoya Charla.  This is also probably the most metallic of the collection and reflected the light like crazy.  2 coats.

Is there any surprise that Sansa is one of my favorites from this collection?  A darkened violet with magical golden shimmer, Sansa has a regal quality to her -- and not just because she's most likely named after a character in Game of Thrones.  2 coats of perfection.

One of the lighter shades in Ignite, Teigan is a juicy raspberry jelly with, yet again, golden shimmer.  I see this being a fantastic pedi throughout the fall and winter.  2 coats.

Another fave!  A blue-toned grey with a smattering of the signature shimmer is the perfect complement to Yuna's sister collection's grey counterpart, Geneviev (although on the website it now adds an 'e' to the end.  Super frustrating).  I'm loving this to pieces.  2 buttery coats.

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  1. Sansa and Yuna are my two favorites as well. They are gorgeous.

  2. They've really outdone themselves in capturing fall!