Saturday, August 23, 2014

Zoya Entice Collection for Fall 2014

Any regular reader of this blog will know that I live for the fall collections.  I anxiously await the end of summer so that I can finally wear my deep, vampy cremes and shimmers and get out of the awful heat.  But I digress.  One of the most anticipated collections are that of Zoya.  To be honest, when I first saw the Entice Collection, the Zoya cremes for the season, I wasn't impressed.  However, once I swatched them, I absolutely fell in love.  Like head over heels, Hallmark movie, roses and chocolates in love.  Here is my love story.

At first glance, I assumed Ryan was just a dupe for Sailor, from last year's Cashmere Collection.  Once on, I was floored.  Ryan isn't just an ordinary deep navy creme.  Ryan is a rich navy with teal undertones that really make this a standout.  The polish pulled a little more cobalt in the photos than it is real life, but trust me, if you're a fan of dark blues, Ryan is a must have.  Caveat though, it does stain somewhat.  Two coats.

Another rich creme, Veronica is a muted raspberry red that is just so perfect for fall.  Application, like the rest of the collection, was perfection (although please note that all polishes in this collection apply jellyish on the first coat and are immediately opaque with the second).  Two coats.

I actually expected to like Claire the least.  In the bottle, it's just a standard brown which I own a million of, of which 75% are probably Zoyas.  Once on, I fell hard for Claire.  This isn't really a brown, ladies, this is an oxblood.  My heart be still.  My only issue was that the first coat was extremely thin, so as you can see towards my cuticles where I clearly didn't do a proper second coat it's a much weaker shade (although, mind you, it looked completely opaque before the light hit it).  Two coats.

I think I was looking for Margo my entire polished life.  The holy grail of my blogging career, I have been looking for a deep red-toned plum that doesn't pull too brown or mauve to work with my skin tone.  Margo is it, people.  Just beautiful.  Two coats.

Probably my favorite of the bunch is Geneviev (the 'e' is missing from my sticker and I'm fairly certain it's meant to be spelled this way.  Yes, it kills me too.).  A blue-toned medium charcoal grey, I instantly swooned once this was on.  As a huge grey polish fan, this has leaped to the top of my favorite greys list.  This is what China Glaze Immortal would look like without the shimmer.  Two coats.

While yes, another brown, Nyssa is amazing.  Milk chocolate perfection.  Nothing else need be said.  Except maybe, two coats.

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