Sunday, August 17, 2014

Maybelline Ultra Violet

An extra quick swatch for today.

I was lucky enough to snag a number of the Bleached Neons that were super hot this summer.  I was going to wait until I had swatched them all to post the collection as a whole, but knowing me, that wasn't going to happen so fast.  Since you all had a quick peek of Ultra Violet in my Shimmer Julie post last week, I figured it couldn't hurt to dedicate an entire blogpost to this lovely Maybelline polish.

Ultra Violet is a muted neon lavender creme that applies super easily.  It's a really soft color that still reads bright so it's a delicious choice for those spring to summer transitional weeks.  I believe this was two coats.  It's been awhile since I wore it and I swatched it after a day or two of wear so I can't remember -- sorry!

I received so many compliments on this polish when I wore it and can't wait to show you the rest of the polishes from the Bleached Neon Collection.  Can't promise it'll be so quickly, but if anyone has a particular request for one of the polishes, I'd be happy to swatch that first!  Just let me know in the comments.