Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grab Bag Blog Sale for Charity: Help Support Eating Disorder Awareness

As part of the beauty blogger community, I have decided to use my small forum to help promote awareness of a serious issue affecting many women and men worldwide.  I have chosen to host a blog sale that will benefit one of the leading agencies helping those suffering from life-strengthening eating disorders.  The National Eating Disorder Association is a national nonprofit focused on advocating for increased awareness, early intervention, and improved access to those suffering from eating disorders.

How am I doing this?  With your help!  

Using the polishes I've recently purged from my stash, I will be selling grab bag packages at $2.50 a polish plus flat rate shipping.  All the proceeds, apart from shipping (which will obviously go to covering the cost of shipping), will go directly to the National Eating Disorders Association.  Please note I will not be making any money off of this whatsoever and all funds will be given directly to the NEDA at the conclusion of the sale.  For more information about USPS flat rate shipping costs, please click here.

If you're interested in helping out, please email me at amandalandish (at) gmail (dot) com.  Just let me know how many polishes you'd like, what colors/finishes/brands you like, and I will do my best to accommodate each request.

I am happy to make this blog sale a worldwide event, however, anyone interested is responsible for all shipping costs.  Please email me and we can discuss flat rate costs for any overseas orders.

As of right now (August 17 at 9pm), we have already raised $60 for the cause, which I loosely announced on Instagram last night.  I really hope you'll join me in making this blog sale a success.  Thank you so much for your support 


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