Monday, August 11, 2014

Firmoo Eyewear Review

Hello there!

I'm blind as a bat.  Without my lens or a pair of glasses, I'm useless to this world.  So I was excited when I was asked again to review a pair of Firmoo glasses and my experience with the global online optical store.

After much looking, I decided to go with a pair of glasses that went against type.  I chose #F1001 in black, a pair of Malcolm X-esque, nerdy frames which can be viewed in more detail here.  The ordering process was pretty simple: all I had to was plug in my prescription information which I was able to easily get from my ophthalmologist and the pair was at my door within days.   

Here's a closeup of the frames, although these are in the tortoise color.

I'm not great in front of the camera, so it took a lot of prodding from the boyf to get this shot.  Weird angle, but you can see that they're the perfectly oversized for my heart shape face, which is what I was going for.

I also took a selfie and posted the pic on instagram, so apologies for the graininess in this photo.  It's a more full on photo of my face and I thought it gave a better perspective as to how the frames sat.  Sorry for such an angry face!  I really suck at taking photos of myself or having my photo taken...

I highly recommend Firmoo for any optical purchase.  The customer service is top notch, the site is easily navigable and workable to any face shape (you can view the glasses on an uploaded self photo or on preloaded models; I've often used the brunette female model to check the width of frames for my face since I like my glasses wide), and the quality is impeccable.  Despite the fact that these frames retail currently for $29, they feel sturdy and well made.  I often need to have my glasses readjusted because one of my ears is higher than the other (yes, it's true, and I get laughs from the opticians whenever I go in for adjustments), I had no issue with these whatsoever!  And if I did, they came with not only a case and dust cloth, but a frame adjusting kit as well!  Yet again, I am mightily impressed with Firmoo.

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This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.