Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Interlocking Dots

I'm back!

After what felt like an eternity in DC, I'm finally back in NY and back to blogging regularly.  Of course, the minute I get back I get knocked down by some flu-ish throaty thing so if I'm a bit incoherent, blame it on the fever. 

To be honest, though, I wasn't excited about coming back to a Twinsie Tuesday nail art week.  Interlocking dots just scared the bejeesus out of me and after my first terribly failed attempt, I was completely overwhelmed.

I recollected myself, changed my colors, and worked more slowly.  First polishing Salon Perfect Tickled Pink, a neon bubblegum, I used Salon Perfect Yowza Yellow to begin creating the interlocking dots.  Since Yowza Yellow is very thin, I needed to go over the dots a number of times to get to this level of opacity, but I must say, I really like how it turned out!

I'm such a fan of this look now, if only for an accent nail!  What do you think?

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  1. I love how this looks. The colours are perfect for each other (although it's a shame the yellow was sheer) The pink is gorgeous.

  2. They really complemented one another, despite the sheerness. In fact, the sheerness helped make the interlocking look more organic.

  3. Cute! I love these colours together

  4. I like that you went with an accent nail for the interlocking design. Great color scheme too!

  5. Welcome back, Amanda!!! Very nice job this week!

  6. I've never tried this design before - the colors you picked were are awesome!

  7. Thanks! I'm glad they worked so well together.

  8. These colors are awesome together!! I can't wait for my Salon Perfect neons to arrive! I may have to copy this!

  9. I love it, these colors are beautiful together!

  10. Cute! Those colors look amazing together!

  11. Super pretty!! I love the yellow with the pink!

  12. Turned out great Amanda!! Love the color combo.