Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Food/Drink Inspired

For today's post, the Twinsies are asked to post a food or drink inspired manicure.  At first, I ran through my stash list and began jotting down all the polishes that had food or drink related names.  There are quite a few of those, to be honest, but nothing really stood out to me as the polish to use for this week's prompt.

I have no idea what came over me, but I decided I would attempt a sponged gradient.  My previous attempts have not been super successful (except for this one, which I credit the texture for allowing to work so well) so I was always hesitant to try again.  However, I thought about how summery alcoholic drinks have that bleeding quality between liquors and juices and wanted to attempt to replicate that.

What better polishes to use for this inspired mani than Salon Perfect Mint Julep and Peach Bellini?

I don't think this is a particularly great gradient as I had to go over it like six times to get the colors to mesh well and had tremendous issues with adequate cleanup (as you can see here, sadly).  But I did it, nonetheless!  

And for reference, here's a white peach bellini with mint!

To conclude, I want to welcome our newest Twinsie, Lisa from The Polish Playground, to our ranks!  If you haven't checked out her blog yet, I highly recommend you go do that by clicking the link below!

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  1. This is a lovely gradient! You should see half of the crap ones I've done. The gradient ends up on my skin and completely avoids the nails :P I'm brutal at them!

  2. I think the gradient looks great! These colors are perfect together.

  3. This is a beautiful gradient! See! You can do nail art! This totally qualifies! :)

  4. They're sooo much harder than they look!

  5. Aw, you're too kind, really! I need more practice.

  6. I haven't had a peach bellini in so long! Yum!

  7. Really digging that gradient with the two colors you used :)

  8. So pretty! And now I want a cool refreshing beverage! :)

  9. A cool refreshing *alcoholic* beverage sounds just as nice, no? ;)

  10. I think it looks really cool! :)

  11. I think that gradient looks good and I love the colors together. A mint peach Bellini sounds delish too!

  12. such a great color combo! i may need a peach bellini now ;)

  13. Especially on such a hot night like tonight!

  14. Such a lovely gradient! I wouldn't have thought of doing these two colors together, and they work perfectly!

  15. beautiful gradient. is it bad, I've never heard of a peach bellini

  16. I was surprised they jived so well too!

  17. Not bad, but you should find one asap and try it! It's delish!