Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: 3D Decor

Twinsie Tuesday, ladies.

As our prompt is 3D decor, I wondered if I could outdo the Great Cheerio Mani of '12.  Since the only cereal I had in the house was Fiber One, redoing a breakfast theme seemed out of the question.  I debated going out to buy a box of Cookie Crisps just for the sake of this week's prompt but given that I'm trying to eat healthier these days, I nixed that idea as well.

Instead, I rifled through my drawer of nail art odds and ends that I've amassed over the years and still haven't figured out how to use.  I was certain I had something three dimensional in there someplace and when I came across some Halloween-inspired rhinestones, I knew I hit paydirt.  

Until I realized I actually had to find a way to use them.  

Pardon the Dalek appeal of my mani, but the rhinestones were much larger on the nail than I anticipated and couldn't do much but this.  The base color, L'oreal À la Meringue from the Limited Edition Les Blancs Collection, is quite lovely as a slightly off white creme and serves its purpose as the underpolish for the terrible rhinestones.  I then pulled a Marta and chose a pink accent nail, which I covered in Shimmer Polish Tracy.

While it doesn't unseat my Cheerio mani, it certainly is one of the weirder looks ever posted on this blog.  But at least this one isn't edible, so I guess that's a plus.

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  1. That shimmer polish is a beaut.

  2. I just giggled thinking about that cheerio mani. These are definitely some large rhinestones.

  3. They are ridiculously large but so was the Cheerio.

  4. Haha, "the Dalek" appeal--I love it! They actually remind me of Pierrot (you artiste, you!). Much love always for the Cheerio. It was one of my favourite things in the history of ever. ♥

  5. Even being slightly large and gawdy, I think this mani looks great!

  6. Ah, the Cheerio mani :) Definately a favorite!!

  7. I totally see the Pierrot comparison. Now my nails are kinda freaking me out...

  8. Very nice, Amanda! This is a total win!

  9. That Cheerios mani is awesome! I like this as well!

  10. IDK I think Cookie Crisp mani would be pretty fun! :-P But these are neat too - always hard to figure out how to use the large stones, and I love the colors together.

  11. the studs go so well with that pretty Shimmer!

  12. Thanks! But yeah, these are waaay too big for me.

  13. ahh, who can forget the Cheerio mani. This mani looks cool, kinda reminds me of a snowman almost.