Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pacifica Blushing Bunnies

Thank the Lord it's Thursday.  This week has been so long and so hot, I'm just ready for a reprieve.

The oppressive heat aside, I'm excited to introduce a brand new polish line from a company known for its fun, easy makeup and perfume.  Pacifica polish was alluring immediately upon arriving, I mean look at how cute that cap cover is, designed with abstract gold shells reflecting that Pacifica beachside feel.

The color I was sent to review, Blushing Bunnies, was equally as great.  A peachy pink crelly, Blushing Bunnies (cutest name ever) applied evenly with a free-flowing yet workable formula.  And it's 7-Free too!  This was opaque in 3 coats.

Super delicate but not quite pastel, Blushing Bunnies would make for a great jelly sandwich or a springtime staple.  And the wear time was amazing too!  I wore this for an entire weekend without a  chip whatsoever, which for me is major news.  

You can purchase the new Pacifica nail polish line, retailing for $9 a bottle, by visiting the Pacifica website here.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. That is literally the cutest name for a nail polish ever.

  2. Beautiful colour. The name is very cute too!

  3. Thanks! The bottle really sold me.

  4. This is such an Amanda color and a perfect shade for springtime. And the name is absolutely adorable!!

  5. Gorgeous colour! It's nice and bright, but not too vibrant :) The name is too cute!

  6. I would buy this for the adorable name alone - it helps that it's also so so pretty!!