Monday, May 12, 2014

Zoya Bubbly Collection for Summer 2014

The second Zoya collection for Summer 2014 is in all honesty the most unique polish set I have ever tried.  A rainbow of jellies, each polish is flushed holographic microglitter and slightly larger iridescent pieces.  The only think I can compare the Bubbly Collection to is sea glass found in the sand.

Please note that each polish really requires 3 coats for opacity, with time left between each coat for drying.  I'll note which swatches are two coats and you'll see why a third is necessary.

The least iridescent of the bunch, Alma is an orange-leaning marigold jelly.  This was oddly opaque in two coats (as most really required three) and dried with a flat metallic finish.

Jesy is a case where three coats was definitely necessary.  As you can see here, the tangerine jelly just doesn't pop as well as it should, although the iridescence really glows in this shade.

A lime-leaning grass green jelly, Staasi looks like the ocean floor.  Not my favorite color of the bunch, I do appreciate the effect within this shade.  This was three coats. 

Love, love, love Binx.  This bright fuchsia jelly was made for the Bubbly effect.  Just absolutely gorgeous.  Three coats here.

First of all, what girl is named Muse?  Secondly, I'm so on the fence about this teal jelly.  While it works with the Bubbly Collection's reference of the sea, I really can't tell if I'm a fan of this shade.  I think I typically just have a hard time accepting teal on me. Two coats here. 

And let's end with my favorite.  Oh, Harper, you have stolen my heart.  This deliciously bright pink is just the epitome of summer to me.  I can see this as a permanent pedicure at the beach or a little girl's first mani.  Girly and glistening, I just adore Harper.  Three coats again.


You can purchase the Zoya Bubbly Collection for $9 a bottle by clicking here.


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