Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Appliques

Tuesday again, ladies.  And for today's post, we must swatch a manicure with appliques.  I took that to mean anything that involves applying onto the nail.  I went searching through a few packets of nail stickers I have and found a few cute red hearts that I thought would fit the bill.

I started with Sally Hansen Sizzlin' Saffron, from the latest Moroccan inspired InstaDri line.  To add a bit of spice, I topped that fabulous yellow creme (swatches coming soon!) with Sinful Colors Yellow Spotted, which from the bottle made me hope this was a yellow version of Cinderella.  I anticipated a bit of a wow moment with this shimmery yellow jelly over a sunflower yellow creme.  Instead, as you'll see, there's just a tiny bit of glossy sparkle that while pretty, doesn't really shock and amaze.

And a macro of Sinful Colors Yellow Spotted for good measure...and the reason why I hoped layering it would create a showstopper.

The red applique hearts just look cheap on my nail.  I also don't get why there's a plastic-y film over the hearts, giving them a weird waxy look.  Oh well, I tried.

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  1. Love the yellow but i wouldn't be overly keen on those hearts either

  2. What a cute mani!! I love the contrast of the pink hearts with the yellow.

  3. That macro shot is fabulous! Gorgeous yellow!

  4. I thought it was a good base for the hearts to pop from.

  5. These little stickers are so cute and they look great against the yellow!

  6. :( I agree on the film. But it's still a pretty mani!

  7. I love the little hearts! And Yellow Spotted is gorgeous!!

  8. Aww, yeah. The film was a bust.

  9. Thank you! And it's a nice layering polish!

  10. I love the combination of the red hearts on the yellow (despite the weird film coating, they definitely pop), and the Sinful does add a really pretty shimmer. Even if it's not the sum total you were hoping for, I love how cheerful it is!

  11. I love how you always find the silver lining to my massive nail art failures ;)

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Love those little hearts :D