Saturday, May 3, 2014

Essie My Better Half

I recently discovered during my stash search of a radiant orchid that my bottle of Splash of Grenadine had sadly dissolved and hardened into a cruddy dry mess of a polish.  While that saddened me -- it was one of my first Essies ever -- I finally was grateful of Essie's proclivity to dupe itself on a regular basis.

Enter Splash's, albeit creamier, dupe My Better Half.  From last year's bridal collection, MBH is a really sweet, warm toned pinky lavender, made the more special with a subtle ribbon of light pink shimmer.  Identical in tone to Splash of Grenadine, I actually prefer the formula to My Better Half in that it's opaque enough to not compete with my pinky pale skin tone, something colors of this shade tend to do with me.

This is two (or three?) coats.

Simple and spring-like, this is a great bridesmaid nail for those that want a hint of color that won't compete with the wedding party color scheme.  



  1. I like the idea of using this for a bridemaid (not that I'm planning on getting married :P ) It makes a great change from those boring old French manicures on horrifically long acrylic nails.

  2. That is beautiful. I love the color on Splash of Grenadine but it takes too many coats to get good coverage. I am going to try this one. I really love the color.

  3. This color is quite pretty on you!

  4. Agreed! I'm not a fan of the French manicure and especially not of long acrylics.

  5. I really like this shade! I love it on you!