Thursday, May 8, 2014

Borghese Almondine

I'm absolutely over the moon that I'm able to show you all one of the loveliest nude polishes I have ever seen.  

Borghese Almondine is an exceptionally VHTF polish, and was so even before Borghese went out of business a few years back.  It was on my wishlist for ages and any time I saw a glimmer of a nude shade in a Borghese shaped bottle, I pounced.  I checked eBay, spoke to other bloggers, went through blog sales and go nowhere.  I finally just gave up.

Then about six months ago, I randomly walked into a odd lots store in Manhattan that I've previously had success getting good deals on recently released nail polish.  I did my usual perusal and then saw towards the back of the cosmetics section, a huge basin of $1 polishes.  The bulk were in fact Borghese so I thought, what the hell, can't hurt to try.  I reached in and lo and behold, what was the first polish I picked up?  Borghese Almondine!  For $1, I wanted to pick up a bunch of Almondines but apparently I grabbed the only one in the gigantic 3 foot basin.  Talk about luck.

The real question is if the polish lived up to what I dreamed of in my head waiting for it for so long.  And I can say resoundingly yes, yes it does!  A cooler toned nude, the formula is a bit thin and required 4 coats for opacity.  But believe me, it's totally worth it.  Because not only is this a dreamy, creamy ecru, there's a slight flash of pink shimmer to the polish as well!  And if that didn't sell you, take a look at the macro -- it's also speckled with black uber microglitter.  

Swoon to your hearts content, ladies.

So yeah, I was a very lucky girl with this beauty.  Jealous much?



  1. I LOVE this polish. I'm really glad I picked this up when it was still readily available, because I'm on my second bottle.

  2. Swoon is right--what a beautiful polish! Great nude, and I love that micro-shimmer. Talk about awesome luck!! ^_^

  3. Gorgeous! Lucky, lucky you! Clearly this was meant to be yours :)