Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nicole by OPI Paparazzi Don't Preach

Quick post today, ladies.  And a bit of a palette cleanser.

For months, I went back and forth wanting and not wanting this polish.  And not just because it was part of the Kardashian Kollection (ugh, that k).  As a lover of peach polish, I just couldn't figure out if this super muted creme was more putty than peach.  TJ Maxx forced my hand when it sold a duo set for $7 with another lovely, albeit Kardashian, color.

I didn't find a reason to wear PDP until recently when I required a somewhat non-nude nude to wear under Nayll Birthday Shots.  The application wasn't great, watery and prone to cuticle pooling.  Three coats led to nice opacity, but I'm not sold on the yellow undertone of this palest of peaches.

So yeah.  I just don't know about this one.  Thoughts, ladies?



  1. I love it! And that picture might have just pushed me over the edge too. lol

  2. I like it! Peachy shades don't work on my skintone at all! I quite like the Kardashian nail polishes. The names were a bit vomit inducing but they had some pretty colours!

  3. I love this, I actually loved a lot of the KK polishes, they had some really gorgeous shades and some fab glitters! This is really pretty.