Monday, April 14, 2014

Nayll January 1

Today, I have the first of 5 Nayll polishes to show you.  Yes, I spelled that correctly, "Nayll."  This newly launched polish brand is different from every other on the market in that you are able to design your very own custom nail polish and have it shipped to you within 48 hours.

The process is simple.  After navigating to, you have the ability to choose from multiple jelly bases (all 4 free).  If you choose to design a glitter based polish, you have the option of selecting up to 10 ingredients to mix; if you choose to design a color based polish, you have the option of selecting up to 3 ingredients to mix.  Name your polish and voilà!  You have your very own Nayll polish created by you.

My first Nayll polish began with a clear base with a mix of gold and silver holographic glitter.  The combination reminded me of New Years Eve confetti so I dubbed my polish January 1.  This is one thick coat over Borghese Almondine.

I love how the mix of holographic glitters gives a really pretty iridescence to this glitter topper and I can't wait to try this over various other colors!

Nayll Polish is really a fabulous way to personalize your polish collection and I highly recommend those creative and not so creative to give the site a test drive.  You won't be disappointed.

Sara, Nayll's creator, has also provided Amandalandish readers with a special offer of 30% off their first order.  Just use the code AMANDA30 and you're all set!
Good until April 30.

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  1. I'm excited! I'm going to check it out - I've had no luck finding a polish type I want, maybe this will help. That holo glitter topper you swatched is so pretty.

  2. Hope you're able to make something you love!

  3. Wow this holographic glitter is gorgeous! I'd love to see it over other colors too :D

  4. How awesome is this? Your creation is gorgeous!

  5. I actually really want to try this over a mint!