Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nayll I'm on the VIP List

While my previous two Nayll posts (seen here and here) were my own custom design polishes, I thought it was also important to highlight that also has its own purchasable collections for those that may not be ready to venture into frankening just quite yet.

Nayll's I'm on the VIP List is a light purple jelly flushed with hot pink hex and bright purple square glitters.  While the jelly is fairly sheer, it does change the color of the base polish if you choose to layer it, as I did over Essie My Better Half.  As you can see, the jelly didn't lay evenly, leaving he pinky lavender base looking a bit water-colored.  Not the worst effect in the world (especially with all these sheer tints hitting the market) but something I thought I should mention.

The glitters are really what sold me on VIP List since I'm obsessed with the pairing of hot pink and bright purple.  The glitters applied somewhat evenly although looking at my swatch, I might have liked them more if I used two coats over the Essie instead of one thick one.

Can you see the fire in the hot pink hex glitter?  How amazing is that? 

Sara, Nayll's creator, has also provided Amandalandish readers with a special offer of 30% off their first order.  Just use the code AMANDA30 and you're all set!
Good until April 30.

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This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. nice mani :)

  2. Fabulous color! Thanks for letting us know that they also have pre-made polishes! Good to know!

  3. My pleasure! And even just checking out those premade colors will help inspire creations of your own!

  4. Awesome! I am contemplating ordering another's so fun!