Friday, April 4, 2014

KBShimmer Spring 2014 Swatches and Review

Spring is here!  And with that, KBShimmer's fresh take on the traditional pastel palette.  Let's start the show, shall we?

I know what you're thinking: a black in a spring collection?  Yeah, surprised me too.  BUT this is no ordinary black.  I mean, yes it's a standard and opaque black creme but OMG is this fabulous.  The application is flawless (like buttahh) and the finish is highly glossy.  Oddly, the gloss looks a bit waxy in my photo, but trust me that this is worth the $8.75 for those that require a good black creme in their stash.

My Life's Porpoise
A cool, blue-toned grey?  That has Amanda written all over it.  So soft and delicate, I couldn't bring myself to take this off!  The formula was just as amazing as eclipse, so prepare yourself for some fantastic application.  Plus, this makes me think of the time I was knocked out by a dolphin in Jamaica.  True story.

Sky Jinks
Hello gorgeous!  A bright, oceanic blue creme is exactly what the doctor ordered.  So happy and chic, I fell in love with Sky Jinks the minute I pulled it out of it's bubble wrap.  Again, amazing formula and like the other two cremes, only required two coats.

Daisy About You
And here we begin with the glitters of the collection and where things get a little dicey.  So in the bottle, Daisy About You is a happy neon mint flushed with purple and white circle glitters and purple microglitters.  Super spring-like.  However, in application, it's a pain to get the glitters to stay put without dragging the mint base.  A lot of dabbing and waiting was required for this swatch and it's still not even.  This was three coats.

Laugh Myself Lily
This blue-leaning teal jelly wasn't as difficult to work with as Daisy About You, but it wasn't a picnic either.  The color is naturally thinner so three coats would be required regardless, but the glitter stayed put a bit better.  I love the pastel pink, yellow, and baby blue glitters of multiple sizes.  The look like little Easter egg-esuqe fish in the sea (weird imagery, I know).

Full Bloom Ahead
And the worst glitter of the bunch is Full Bloom Ahead.  I just could not get this polish to work with me.  The white crelly dragged like nobody's business and the rainbow hex glitters just would not cooperate.  This was three coats (again, lots of dabbing and waiting) and I really just don't like how it turned out.

Prism Break
My first thought when seeing Prism Break was, "How has no one ever used this name for a holo polish before?  So clever!"  After my initial appreciation for KBShimmer's punny brilliance, I was excited to try this holo topper out.  Since so many silvery holo top coats apply unevenly and leave a greyish finish, I was very impressed that Prism Break did not!  Super smooth, it did not take away one iota from the loveliness that is Sky Jinks; and in fact, the scattered (or maybe super weak linear?) holo only makes this look like fairies flying about the sky!

Quick and Flirty
Purple linear holos are something special, aren't they?  Just so regal and chic.  Quick and Flirty, despite its suggestive name, is just as perfect, really glistening in rainbows of delight without detracting for the royal purple base color.  The only rub is the application., which was somewhat draggy.  Probably best to apply more thin coats and wait between each to avoid the issue I had. 

Overall, KBShimmer outdid itself.  Just a really fun collection of spring-inspired shades, with something for everyone.  And for the $8.75 pricetag, not entirely unreasonable. 

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