Monday, March 24, 2014

The Snugg Pouch Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Even though this is a non-beauty related post, I think anyone who considers their phone  a third limb (as I do) will understand the brief segue into phone case reviewing.

I've come to know Snugg as a great brand for technological protection.  As I previously reviewed my now beloved Snugg iPad cover last summer, I expected no less from the brown pouch case I was sent for my Samsung Galaxy SIII.   But did it live up to my expectations?

In terms of protection, it absolutely did.  The Snugg held my phone tightly in its place, providing it with a thick enough cushion to protect it from basic drops but thin enough to be unobtrusive in a pocket or purse.  However, I was disappointed that the Snugg really serves in place of a phone cover and not in addition to it; in order to fit my phone into the pouch case, I had to first remove my phone case (basically a hard silicone skin), which meant that the phone was unprotected when it was in use, i.e., out of the pouch.

In terms of aesthetics, however, this little phone case leaves much to be desired.  Available in brown (seen above), black, and tan, the pouch is designed from manmade, PU leather which looks fairly cheap, despite the distressed finishing.  While the card slot is super handy and the magnetic pull tab to easily remove the phone is super cute, it really doesn't take away from the fact that the pouch isn't the prettiest.

For $13.99, I can't say the Snugg case pouch is a total waste of money: it serves its purpose in a very sturdy way.  However, as someone who likes her phone to reflect her personality and constant usage, I wouldn't use the Snugg on a day to day basis.

To purchase this Snugg pouch and other Snugg products, please visit their website here.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. Aww that sucks that you can't use the phone case with this pouch :/
    I'm liking your updated layout :D

  2. Yeah, a bit disappointing but thank you about the layout!