Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SmittenPolish Cocoa and Cardis

While it's officially spring (and I type that rolling my eyes), I should be wearing and posting softer pastels.  However, going through my camera roll, I found a winter polish that slipped through the cracks of my posting schedule.  SmittenPolish Cocoa and Cardis is a chocolate brown creme flushed with a linear holographic glow.

The formula was a bit thick and caused me some issues getting a straight cuticle line so a drop of thinner would probably do wonders.  I also was somewhat disappointed that the holo was not as strong as it appeared in the promotional pictures on Facebook and Pinterest.  With flash or natural sunlight (as seen below), the holo appeared more of a dusting than a visible linear rainbow, so for those of you who like a more subtle holo, this is differently up your alley.

This was two coats.

I love a good brown for autumn and winter and this is a nice addition to my collection.  I just wish the holo was more present, even if it had to be scattered, since for the indie price of about $9 plus shipping, I want a brown that blows my mind.



  1. This holo brown is lovely :D

  2. This is such a perfect brown! really looks like cocoa :)

  3. Ooh, I love this! I would be a little disappointed too if I were expecting a strong, linear holo, but the combination of the holo shimmer and that pretty, cocoa brown is still really fantastic!

  4. It really is quite nice! But yeah, I wanted more linear action.