Friday, February 7, 2014

Milani Charming Carmine

To be totally frank, I'm still torn on the whole textured polish thing.  Aesthetically, I like the way it looks...on other people.  Once on me, I find the textured quality distracting and uncomfortable.  I once couldn't sleep through the night because I had a textured polish on and it just felt weird brushing against everything. 

I thought that perhaps the Milani textures, as they are cremes, would perhaps be my gateway polish into the trend.  I was lucky enough to be sent Charming Carmine by Nory since every line of textured polishes Milani has released do not show up in any store whatsoever.  (Believe me, I looked.  And I live in New York City.  We have everything.) 

The application was a cinch albeit a bit thin.  Since this takes a bit longer to dry, I recommend waiting between coats to see where and if bald patches occur.  I didn't wait long enough and found myself going over each nail an annoying amount of times.  This was the finished product:

The color: breathtaking.  The texture: slight.  The final verdict: still on the fence.  I wore this the first two days of a very long and intensive staff conference and was super distracted by the rough feel even though the color was so up my alley.  Additionally, I have issues with Milani in that they chip super easily on me (totally a body chemistry thing because I know others this does not happen to) but also and very unexpectedly, I got my makeup stuck in the texture when I brushed against my face.  Weirdest thing ever and impossible to remove from the crevices until I took the polish off.

Charming Carmine wasn't as charming as he'd like us to believe. 



  1. I love how this looks on you! Too bad the texture drives you crazy. Such a pretty color!

  2. Definitely love the color! I'm still on the fence about some textures...this looks good though!

  3. The color is amazing, despite the texture!