Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fresh Paint Olive You

Over the summer, I stopped in Five Below to take a gander.  I'm a fan of this higher end dollar store (oxymoronic, I realize) and have been able to find many HTF and random polish there.  As I was in line to check out, I saw they had a clearance bin with tons of polish bottles so it goes without saying that I scoured the bin while I waited for a cashier.  Lo and behold, I found Fresh Paint Olive You, on sale for like a dollar or so.  In the bottle, as you can see from the part that made it in the picture, Olive You looks like a muted olive flushed with rich golden shimmer.  I was so excited by this find and couldn't wait for the cooler months to whip this out.

Flash forward to five or six months later.  With New York City covered in mountains of snow, I figured it Olive You was due for a seasonal appearance.  Let me say how absolutely disappointed I am in this exceedingly deceiving polish.  First of all, this is by no means a muted olive.  I guess I'd call this more of a warm pewter with very little depth as the shimmer from the bottle morphed into some sort of metallic-causing finishing agent.  To add insult to injury, the formula was really thin (not watery, just weak in color) and made the color look even flatter. 

I believe this was three coats.

So yeah, not my favorite polish by a long shot.  While it's not horrible, the bottle led me to believe that I would love Olive You.  No wonder this was in the clearance bin.



  1. It's a shame it's not the same color it appears in the bottle though.

  2. Aw boo...sorry this ended up being deceiving. At least it was on clearance :)

  3. Haha, I love the thought of hitting the "fancy" dollar store! This muted pewter is nice, especially with that bit of olive lean, but that golden bottle shimmer is such a tease. >_<

  4. I hate the polishes that play hard to get.