Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Something Borrowed

Happy Tuesday, ladies.

For today's post, we must swatch something borrowed.  That was actually fairly hard for me since I own so much nail polish, I haven't borrowed a bottle in years.  However, I remembered that a few months back my mother fell for OPI Eurso Euro from this spring's Euro Centrale collection.  I suggested I "hold" it for her, keeping it safe with all my other OPIs, ready for whenever she wanted it.  

I think she forgot.

And now it's mine.  Ahem, I mean, it's borrowed.  This OPI is borrowed.  Totally borrowed.  No shameless and petty maternal larceny going on here. 

Eurso Euro is a medium navy creme that leans slightly indigo.  My pictures (and to be honest, now that I "borrowed" this I can say, most blog pictures) make this look a shade or two lighter than it actually is.  Regardless, this is a really modern shade that seamlessly goes from fall to winter (and I guess spring?  Still find it odd this was in the spring collection) and serves as a chic neutral for the colder months' palette.

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  1. This is a lovely blue! It actually does look a little darker on the nail, even, than in the bottle, but I like it. This collection didn't floor me when it came out, but more and more, it's starting to pull me in.

    Also, excellent borrowing skills! ^_^

  2. Yeh this is a weird choice for spring in fairness but that whole collection didn't scream spring for me anyway. Probably for the best though, I really dislike the fact that companies have started to bring out pastel shades and market them as being a spring collection. They bore the life out of me!

  3. I'm actually wearing this today :) Beautiful swatches.

  4. Thankfully my mother doesn't read my blog so she'll remain unaware of my skilled borrowing.

  5. I was initially going to fight you on this one, but I have to say the more I thought about it, the more I agree. Don't get me wrong, I love pastels, but they're are just so tried and true and even the most beautiful baby blue or lilac creme is just so overdone. I think we need our spring palettes to be more inventive, if nothing else just the finishes. That's why I really loved the Petal Impressions Spring Collection from Avon which I swatched back in May (?), it gave a mini makeover to the standard pastels we always see year in and year out.

  6. Very gorgeous, and I love the indigo lean it has :)

  7. Sooooo nice of you to keep this safe for her! You're the best daughter ;-)

  8. It's a simple yet pretty touch.

  9. I know, right? I should win a medal or something.

  10. Lol!! I love that you're "holding" it for your mom. Looks great on you.

  11. lol what a lovely "borrowed" polish! :D

  12. I think that's very nice of me! lol.

  13. This is gorgeous! I "borrow" polish from my mom a lot too... and then she forgets about it. =P

  14. I've always admired this color. And it's always fun when you are "keeping a polish safe" for someone - I do it all the time for my Mom :)

  15. Aren't we daughters just the bestest?