Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Holiday "Gift"

Morning, darlings.

Today's Twinsie Tuesday is basically a holiday-friendly way of having another Twinsie give us marching orders yet again.  For some reason, we seem to enjoy torturing --  I mean, challenging -- each other on a bimonthly basis.  Everyone needs a hobby, so I guess we found ours.  

My holiday "gift," as we're calling it, came from the lovely Róisín, who wrote me one of the sweetest emails when she had to give me my gift:

Hey Amanda, I know how much you hate doing nail art but it's fun to try something a bit out of your comfort zone ;) I went through your pinterest page (which is amazing btw I love your taste) So my gift to you is to recreate either Autumnal Bridge or Snow in london . I know both look seriously hard but just pick the main aspects of either image i.e the lamp covered in snow. You don't have to go mental and include every detail and feel free to make it a bit easier and just do an accent nail with the detail and the rest of your hand in similar colours.  Best of luck with it! You'll be grand so don't be a bit worried about it :)

I'm Pinterest whore (some people spend hours on Facebook, I've literally spent hours on Pinterest just looking at pin boards of snow) so I felt oddly invigorated to tackle my gift challenge.  As it's almost winter and my family lives in London, I chose to go with this photo that Róisín selected:

While I know that Róisín suggested nail art, I thought I might play to my strengths and find a layering combination that could capture the aura of the photo.  I began with Color Club Silver Lake, a striking grey-leaning white creme with cool undertones that both gave the sense of just fallen snow and the natural grey that inevitably colors a city snowfall.  Three coats evened out the initial chalky streaks and I wore than mani alone over Thanksgiving.

I then need to represent the snow so I of course gravitated towards OPI Pirouette My Whistle, a silvery white shimmer topcoat with random circle glitters.  An absolutely beautiful and delicate touch that gave my mani a more textured look.

But I wanted a bit more.  I loved how the bus lights gave a hazy glow to the snowy photo so I finished everything off with Sally Hansen Debut-tint, a sheer pearly white layering polish with a golden shimmer running throughout.  Unfortunately, the golden shimmer was lost in all my photos, but in real life, it really looked like sunshine reflecting off a snow lea.  

I hope I didn't disappoint Róisín too much by not going full on nail art.  I really love what I ended up with and am so grateful she provided me with inspiration to create it!  Thank you, Róisín!

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  1. I love it! I'm delighted you were pleased with the outcome too (Sure don't be worried about the nail art- you took the main aspect of the image so it fit the requirement perfectly)

  2. I love this, and the inspiration behind it - so pretty!

  3. I'm glad I was able to do your challenge justice!

  4. You did such a gorgeous job on this one! :) Love it (and Roisin's note!)

  5. This is so beautiful and delicate but nail art wouldve been much fun to see!

  6. These look really cute together! I love how subtle but pretty it is!

  7. I love the layering you did! I love the challenge she gave you!

  8. I thought it was a great challenge too!

  9. What a pretty combination! So perfect for this time of year, and the photo inspiration is just gorgeous!