Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Marching Orders

Marching Orders, again!

My commander this go around was the lovely ChiChi who asked that I do a glitter gradient which include a color I wouldn't normally wear this time of year (these girls really do know my idiosyncrasies, don't they?)

I started with China Glaze Howl You Doin' as my base, a plum creme riddled with deep iridescent glitters from the Halloween Collection 2013.  For my color I wouldn't wear this time of year, I pulled out the neon purple China Glaze Flying Dragon.  Forgetting that neons dry matte, when I sponged FD over the deeper base, the purples kinda looked like mud.  For my glitter, I used Nina Holographic Topcoat, which is chunky gold holo glitter that did a nice job of softening the sludge-y-ness of the first gradient of purples.

I apologize to ChiChi that this isn't nicer, but I really tried!  Plus, I've suffering something horrible from dry cuticles lately so that made for an even less nice manicured effect.

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  1. That glitter is just - sooo gorgeous! I think It's going on my Wish List right now... :)

  2. I think it turned out beautifully.

  3. Well, let's not go overboard...lol.

  4. That holo tc is really pretty! I just love that she made you wear something you normally wouldn't! Lol, idk why, but that amuses me. =P

  5. That is such a fun glitter at the tips!

  6. Hey this turned out great Amanda!!! I like Howl you doin

  7. Lol! I imagine you would since you apologized to me on IG about you wearing an "unseasonable" color once. Don't let my craziness anal personality make you stop wearing neons in the winter!

  8. I really want to use it on a full mani to see what the full effect is.

  9. Very pretty! Glitter on your nails always makes me smile.

  10. This looks great, Amanda! I really like it!

  11. I can't take my eyes off that Nina! It's so pretty! Love that ChiChi threw in that you had to wear an "out of season" color hahaha.

  12. She really knew how to push me ;)

  13. Haha, excellent orders from ChiChi, and I really love what you did with these! I'm not even sure exactly what it is about it, but something in this gradient and the iridescent glitters really appeals to me. ♥

  14. It's a total mess, but I appreciate your kind words...lie though they may be ;)

  15. No, honestly! I mean, I get what you're saying about it getting a little muddy or whatever, but there's just something I really like about the contrast of colours and that iridescent sparkle... ^_^

    I'd love to see you come back to this again sometime and give it another go...