Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy Girl Nails Nail Art Challenge for Fall 2013 Week 1: Antique Gold

Morning, everyone!

I'm so excited to participate in this season's busy girl nail art challenge!  Since nail art isn't necessarily required for the next 5 week of challenge posts, I'm totally down.  First up, antique gold!

I'm not a huge gold polish fan and find it's hard to wear without looking like I'm about to enter a disco in 1977.  However, I liked the idea of antique gold, which made me think about more burnished, classic golds.  For inspiration, I referred to All Lacquered Up's layered mani using Essie Beyond Cozy.  She layered the Winter 2012 gold full coverage glitter over the Sally Hansen Shoot for the Moon, a Chanel Graphite dupe.  I instead chose to layer my Beyond Cozy over Revlon Chic, a new warm-toned pewter foil that I picked up at Target recently.  The combination of the gold and silvery tones really produced a beautifully burnished look that sparkled insanely.  

Two coats of Revlon Chic and one coat Essie Beyond Cozy.  Despite some blogs that the Essie was a top coat glutton, I found one coat of topcoat made this super smooth.

For a non-gold lover, I was obsessed with this look.  I definitely like the multi-tonal finish to keep up with this fall's metallic trend and this these two polishes really complemented one another.

 Only down side?  Removal.  Elbow grease required, but not as bad a full on glitters. 

Make sure to check back next week for Week 2's pink mani!