Monday, August 26, 2013

Paint Job by Car Couture in Hybrid and I Bought a Lemon

Good morning!

Today I have two fun polishes from a brand I discovered on Instagram.  Paint Job by Car Couture is a tongue in cheek indie created by Melinda (@paintjobnails), who documents her life and polish creating so happily, I knew I had to give this brand a spin.

First up, Hybrid.

Hyrbid is a blue-leaning mint creme that dries semi-matte.  It is flushed with very fine microshimmer, which adds a beautifully subtle dose of depth.  The real glory of Paint Job polishes is in the details, so I've included a macro of to illustrate what I mean.  Can you see aqua blue microglitter floating around Hybrid?  It's just ever so slight to give Hybrid a boost of sparkle without detracting from the shimmery matte base.  This is truly a work of art, in my humble opinion.


My second Paint Job by Car Couture polish is the adorably named I Bought a Lemon.  A sunny yellow jelly, again Melinda was brilliant to add a really fine mist of silver shimmer throughout the lemony base.  

A closer look, shall we?

I literally swoon at the red and green microglitter that is so well placed throughout I Bought a Lemon.  This polish is so fun and lighthearted and a breeze to apply (this was 3 coats).  Unfortunately, as much as I loved I Bought a Lemon, it didn't really like me: I personally felt this yellow just didn't work with my pale-pink skin tone.  I'm going to try layering this over a more pastel banana yellow in the future to see if it suits me better, but putting the clashing tones aside, I'm still very much a fan.

I want to note that ordering from Melinda was a pleasure and she secretly increased my order from a mini of Hybrid to a full bottle "just because."  She also included a personalized handwritten note to me that I felt was such a great touch.  It's really those little things that make me want to reorder from homemade brands like Paint Job by Car Couture.

You can purchase Paint Job by Car Couture polishes (and I hope you do!) on Melinda's Etsy shop for $6 USD a bottle.



  1. These are lovely polishes! Aw that was so sweet of Melinda to do that :D

  2. How sweet of her! These are both very pretty.