Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zoya Fall 2013: PixieDust, Cashmeres, and Satins

I know it's July, but I'm so ready for fall.  This heat, bleh.  Zoya is making me even more antsy for cooler weather with their three, read'em three, fall collections.  Hold on to your seats, ladies, these look promising!

Dhara, Arabella, Carter
Chita, Tomoko, Sunshine

Louise, Flynn, Hunter
Sailor, Livingston, Pepper

Channing, Mason, Claudine
Neve, Giovanna, Maria-Luisa


  1. Pixie Dust colors are AMAZING !!!!!

  2. And these look like they'll be the best of all the Pixies they've released so far!

  3. Well I am not ready for fall but these Pixie Dusts are uh-mazzzzzing!!!!