Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rabeanco Lucia II

Hello, hello!

I have not been subtle in describing my utter and unabashed obsession with handbags.  Seriously girls, my love of handbags -- you may want to sit down for this -- preceded and indeed, still rivals my love of nail polish.  That being said, I am so excited to launch an expansion of Amandalandish that will more fashion focused posts, including my beloved handbags.

Today, I have for you a beautiful tote from Rabeanco (pronounced rah-bee-ahn-ko), a new handbag line inspired by Italian design.  The Lucia II, seen below in purple, is described as a woven leather tote designed to get you to "your destination in style...with the peace of mind that you haven't forgotten a thing!"

The dimensions of this bag are on the larger size: 15.5" length by 12.5" width.  Here's the Lucia from multiple angles -- 

photos @ Rabeanco
The press photos also showcase the detachable clutch that comes with the Lucia, useful for throwing your keys into without losing them within the depths of the bag.  Some girls might also like to grab the clutch and go, making this bag go from day to night in an instant!

I personally prefer to use this as a full tote, perfect for work with heels (which I was photographed going off to below) or as a weekender carryall, slung over a maxi dress.

Let's break down the hits and misses of the Lucia II, shall we?

✓  Lightweight so you only carry the weight of the contents, not of the bag
✓  Size is perfect and roomy without looking oversized
✓  Beautiful woven leather detail provides a soft and summery feel
✓  Straps, while thin, don't dig into your shoulders uncomfortably
✓  The quality of the leather is sublime; buttery, soft, and expensive
✓  The purple color is divine!  I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I received on this bag wherever I went

✘  There is no top zipper, which makes your valuables less secured and more open
✘  The bag, while lightweight, isn't super sturdy so if you're not holding both handles, the bag flops open
✘  Does not have metal feet on the bottom to prevent the leather from scratching when placed down

I am absolutely floored by my very first Rabeanco handbag!  The quality is top notch and the style en trend and classy.  The color choices are also wide and fun, making this bag user-friendly for those that like wilder and tamer colors.

The Lucia II retails for $378 USD and can be purchased on the Rabeanco website.

For more information, check out Rabeanco on social media

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  1. Beautiful bag! And of course it's purple. :) Seems very functional too. My handbag fetish has calmed down some, but it was OUT OF CONTROL back when I worked in a department store. I probably spent more money at that place--mostly on bags and shoes--than I actually took home haha.

  2. I don't think my handbag obsession will go away anytime soon. I think of each piece like works of art and treasure the ones I'm lucky enough to own. It's a sickness I've had since high school....so many years in, it's not going anywhere.

  3. I love the finish but I'd go for something with a zip just so my stuff is protected on the inside. Would hate for something to be taken :( The caprice bag is beautiful

  4. Living in a big city, like I do, I really should also only carry around bags with zippers, but I find myself drawn to those without them so often! I've found a way around that though and I use carabiners to connect my wallet to my bag so even if it's open, the wallet is secure. Probably not the safest thing in the world, but better than total exposure.

  5. Love this color for you(of course...so 'Amanda'!!) Very fun post! PS, your shoes=perfect

  6. This bag is really beautiful! Handbags are one of my favorite accessories!! <3

  7. Haha, thanks...surprisingly, I didn't have any other purple bags so I thought this was a great addition to my collection. And thanks about the shoes! Super comfy too! I got them at DSW for like $40 last year in the clearance section, they're Nine West.

  8. They just complete an outfit!

  9. Ooh it's massive, it'd be perfect for a weekend bag or a shopping trip! Gorgeous colour too.

  10. Even though I'm only 5"3, I love big bags -- the bigger, the better! And yes, it's just perfect for shopping!

  11. Although I wouldn't call myself necessarily obsessed with handbags I am a bit obsessed with Fashion and OHYMGOD IS THIS BAG GORGEOUS! Its like perfect upon perfect of perfectness!

  12. I like this as a tote, I think. Fun!