Thursday, July 11, 2013

OPI Pinks Mono Mani: Chic from Ears to Tail and Pussy Galore

Riding the wave of my monochromatic accent manicure habit, or self-dubbed "mono mani," I wanted to attempt a pink version employing two current trends: texture (of course) and Minnie Mouse (now in its second year of girly pink phenomenon).

OPI seemed the logical choice when determining which brand to use; for one, Suzi created the Minnie collections which make my inner five year-old self squeal with delight, and secondly, her (or should I say Mariah's?) Liquid Sands were one of the first on the textured  scene.  To that end, I started with 3 coats of Chic from Ears to Tail, a soft, cool toned pastel pink creme with hidden silver shimmer.  I then accented my mani with the unfortunately named pink Liquid Sand from the holiday Bond Girls collection, Pussy Galore (I get that she's a character but why must they use her for the pink texture?).

 Here is my mono mani in all its glory.

So obsessed was I with this look, I went a little Instagram happy and began posting collages of this mani is its various forms.

Hmm...clearly my cuticles were not in their best form during my Instagram frenzy. 

Either way, a huge thank you to the fantastic Cordia from Seriously Swatched who sent me Pussy Galore for my birthday last month.  A total gem, if poorly named.  Thanks, girly! 



  1. Cute! I like the 'mono mani' :-)

  2. I seriously love your 'mono mani'!

  3. I can't even say that word that starts with P and rhymes with fussy, it's such an awful crude slang word here for ladies'... parts, I think I'd die if someone asked me what I had on my nails (much like the time I wore nOPI 'I'm a Belieber' - ugggh) - anyway, that Minnie pink is gorgeous and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one of the Mariah liquid sands from an Asos sale!

  4. Your mani is very cute. I like the pink accent nail with the pink nails. It's very unique. Usually everyone does a silver accent nail. But you are the first one I have seen use the same color. Great idea. I love that textured polish and I guess the name caused quite an uproar since my bottle has the first word marked through as with a black Sharpie and all the bottles at the store only said "Galore" on the bottom. They were all marked through. Then I noticed the display and it's a plastic display with the names of the polishes listed beneath the slots where the polishes sit and it too only says "Galore" but it was printed that way not marked through so maybe OPI changed the name to simply Galore instead?

  5. I love this so much! And I still am shocked every time I read Pussy Galore!

  6. It's equally as crude in the US as well. But yes, it's a toss up what's worse: telling someone you have pussy on your nails or that you are even remotely a Belieber ;)

    But if you like textured polish, you'll definitely like the OPIs, they seem to be the best I've tried thus far.

  7. Honestly, I haven't heard about that. I know that when Essie began selling to mainstream marketplaces, they changed Demure Vixen to Demure Vix. In my book, vixen isn't in the same league as the p-word, but it would make sense that they might have gotten enough complaints to allow the crossouts at certain vendors. Regardless, Galore sounds worlds better, doesn't it?

    And I can't take credit for what I've taken to call the mono mani; I was inspired by Elissa of Ten Little Nubs' mani of using a pink creme on her nails and accenting it with a pink holo. So the credit is all hers, I just switched it up to using texture.

  8. I know...and why the pink? Ugh...

  9. lol that name always gets me...
    I love this mani, Amanda!