Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nina Pro Ultra Vio-let it Ride

So you know when you really, really love a color and then when you try to photograph it, it decides to play difficult?

Let me introduce you to Nina Pro Ultra in Vio-let it Ride.  

I yenned for this bright yet soft fuchsia purple crelly holding steady on the borders of neonville for probably over a year before I decided to adopt it during one of my last Sally's runs.  And let me tell you, Vio-let did not disappoint.  The application, using the user friendly pro-wide brush, was super easy and clean, and three coats of the squishy soft purple dried to a creamy finish.

More importantly, I loved wearing this!  I received so many compliments on Vio-let it Ride and even though she's not the most unique color in the world, she really carried herself well on my fingers.

But that must have gotten to her head because boy, that diva had some demands during her photoshoot.

I frustratingly moved from one light source to another, using flash and without, to capture the true color of Vio-let.  She instead, just sat there, taunting me with her beauty because refusing to give the camera anything.  Damn you, pretty semi-neon polish!

This is the closest I could get to color accurate.  In real life, it's slightly more purple-leaning.  But only slightly.

I'm not even a fan of the actual swatch in the end but unfortunately, with a difficult model, you take what you can get.  Regardless, if you don't typically take photos of your fingernails and post them onto the interwebs, she's actually quite lovely ;)



  1. I love this on you!!! Don't you just hate when you have difficulties photographing?

  2. With all the neons I've been wearing lately, it's unfortunately happening too often!

  3. CURSE PHOTOGRAPHING NEONS! This is still a beauty though!

  4. I need this in my life. Like, right now. I love love love it so much! This is gorgeous!!

  5. Ooh pretty, I love colours like that.

  6. This looks marvelous on you!

  7. haha the good ones are always hard to capture! This one looks great!