Saturday, July 20, 2013

LCN Shades of Desert Summer 2013 Collection

While many collections are bringing out the neons, LCN brings a spicier take on summer 2013.  Inspired by the "bold, colorful hues of the Orient," Shades of the Desert Collection is a creamy quad of bright, jewel-toned polishes "embod[ying] all of the luxury and mystery that is the Far East."

Blue Oasis
"A cool, calming turquoise."
I adore this dusty aqua creme.  This shade keeps popping up in many a spring/summer collection this year so it's a total must-have for 2013.  Formula was beyond perfect and required two coats and absolutely no clean up! Only downside, with removal comes some staining, but only very minimally.

Fiery Cumin
"An exotic, spicy orange."
While I would classify this more of a khaki brown than an orange, Fiery Cumin is not a color I would naturally go for.  Surprisingly, it's not as unflattering as I imagined and is probably one of the most interesting cremes I own.  Formula was beyond perfection, again two coats.

Pink Pepper
"A jewel-toned magenta."
Blue-toned fuchsia pink creme, this only required one coat for opacity -- and I never use just one coat.  The color is pretty, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Hot Chili
"A bold, passionate red."
Another one coater, I see from this photo some clear visible nail line so maybe I should've used two.  However, this crellyish tomato red doesn't really look to need two coats in real life.  Fabulous red, however, the formula gets a bit stringy and thick.

It goes without saying that formula-wise, LCN is still top notch.  The colors in this collection, while an exotic mix of shades, is not super unique when separated.  The stand outs in this collection are without a doubt Blue Oasis, for its trendy chicness, and Fiery Cumin, for it's intrigue as a neutral.

The LCN Shades of Desert Collection is available now at LCN Boutique retails for $24.90 USD for the box set or $7.50 USD each.

Until August 15, LCN will be offering free shipping with the code LTM4ED. Use it quick!


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. I really love how different Fiery Cumin is! So pretty!

  2. Great swatches :) Love Blue Oasis

  3. That Hot Chilli is spectacular!

  4. These are all such beautiful colors! I'm really loving Fiery Cumin!

  5. It's really quite different!

  6. Hot Chili is probably my fav. Such a fun, rich red!

  7. These polishes are fantastic!