Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hard Candy Little Bo Pink

Today just felt like a pink day!

Behold, the girly goodness that is Hard Candy Little Bo Pink.  This microshimmery glassflecked jelly just belongs in every little girl's dress up collection, next to the Pretty Pretty Princess crown and oversized heels that once belonged to her mother.  

Warm-toned with coral undertones, the golden shimmer is really what makes Little Bo Pink magical.  The glossiness only amplifies the sparkle and while this pink is more on the paler side, it's dainty without coming off puritanical.

This is three coats.

This shade of pink screams spring to me but I can see this working in summer, maybe layered over a brighter coral creme (OPI Suzi's Hungary Again is one beauty that comes to mind).  Regardless, for $3.97 at Walmart, this was worth the buy.



  1. This was one of my favorites from the whole collection!

  2. This is lovely! The shimmer looks practically iridescent in your swatches!

  3. I didn't even pay attention to it until I saw the gorgeous swatch on Vampy Varnish. The shimmer just kills me!

  4. Oh wow, I didn't even notice that!

  5. Awesome pink! I'm loving that golden's so pretty!