Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013 Press Release

More Pixies for fall! 

And I have to say, these might be my favorite thus far!

In case you can't see the tiny writing, these beauties are...

Tomoko - glowing silver
Chita  - emerald green
Sunshine - Van Gogh blue
Carter - regal purple
Arabella - rich fuchsia
Dhara - dazzling copper


  1. Ooh, can't wait to see more of Tomoko! And is it wrong that I like Sunshine more for being "Van Gogh" blue? No idea what makes it "Van Gogh" blue, but it makes me want. Curse you, marketing geniuses!

  2. Elizabeth, you are a girl after my own heart. I instantly went to Sunshine simply for that description. I fell in love with VG after that one DW episode. I cry at the end every time.

  3. Aaugh, yes!! Not just the end, which double kills me without fail (I *want* a print of the "updated" version!), but the scene where they take him to the museum and he hears the curator talking about his genius...omg, I'm literally crying again just thinking of that scene. I know what I'm going to be watching tonight.

  4. Exactly, the museum scene is what I'm talking about also! Amazing. Oh how I miss Amy...

  5. Both museum scenes (with him and going back after) pretty much kill me dead. Really missing Amy and Rory too. Clara started with buckets of intrigue and promise, and I like the actor a lot, but the character just hasn't done it for me like the Ponds. :-/

  6. The whole series story line was just so poorly developed. And it's sad that it's this season Matt Smith is leaving off of.

  7. Big yeah on both counts. Before Steven spoiled me with that news (for which there was nearly murder), I'd actually commented that in the last few eps there were several scenes and speeches that read like something Matt should have been crushing with his intensity and energy, but he just didn't seem to be "getting there" like he used to. I'll be sad to see him go--I came to love him so much more than I thought I would!--but it may be time. Wouldn't hate to see Moffat go back to concentrating on writing awesome episodes and let a new show runner take over. He's written some of my favourites, but his arcs kinda drag on forever without the oomph they need at the end...if and when they ever actually *do* end... :P