Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Textured

Surprsie, surprise -- Twinsie Tuesday has embraced the textured trend.

As I've already posted a few standard swatches of the creme (which you can view here and here) and the sparkly ones (here, here, and here), I thought I'd attempt to  
Julie G. Crushed Candy and Hot Cinnamon gradient.

This is actually my first full hand gradient and I'm not sure if starting with a texture was a good idea (the gradient looks more seamless) or bad idea (waaay more sparkles to clean up afterwards), but I really like how it turned out nonetheless.

I began with Crushed Candy, the purply pink sparkled texture and used a sponge to gradient (gradiate?) Hot Cinnamon to the tips, which somehow turned fuchsia on top of one another.

Formula and appearance-wise, I give it to Julie G. with her Frosted Gumdrops Collection, my favorite of all the textured collections released thus far.  What I really don't like is how rough her texture polishes dry, quite sandpaper-esque and not at all wearable for me on a daily basis.  But as a fun TT mani, I think it does just fine :)

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  1. This is a beautiful gradient :)

  2. I love the colors you picked! And yes doing gradients with these are such a pain in the butt to clean! It stinks!

  3. This is gorgeous! I've tried to do textured gradients, and just haven't been able to get it down!

  4. Pretty gradient. I always end up taking off my gradients, never happy with the way I do them!

  5. This is my first real gradient so I'm not even sure if it's considered good.

  6. I'm terrible with anything nail art related so I actually found the textured gradient easier since it covers the screwups!

  7. I should've taped my cuticles or doused my fingers in vaseline :/

  8. This gradient looks so awesome!!!

  9. Ahhh awesome! I love this effect, and I really like that type of texture polish.

  10. Wow a textured gradient! I'm impressed!

  11. I am totally in love with this Amanda! The colors are perfect compliments to each other and that sparkle - gah!

  12. Your gradient is beautiful! The colors you chose go so well together!

  13. I'm in love with this mani! The colors you used are gorgeous and go great together.

  14. Thank you, Melissa! Totally unexpected, but they do really partner well :)